GoodLife USA | Introduces The 2×20 Social Network.

The GoodLife USA Introduces Social Networking.

goodlife usa social network Goodlife USA has introduced the 2×20 Social Network. After years of the same old boring compensation plans,something innovative and exciting has burst onto the scene, the 2×20 Social Network.

This whole New business model has the potential to revolutionize the network marketing space. Mark Seyforth and The GoodLife USA have not only introduced something unique and special but when people experience the 2x2o Social Network you hear nothing but praise and see nothing but smiles.

Though it may look like your typical run of the mill Matrix, The Goodlife USA 2 x 20 social network is anything but typical or run of the mill, there is something really amazing about the inner workings of the 2 x 20 social network and when you experience it.

Well … just wait and see.

The Goodlife USA Breakthrough.

Mark Seyforth was inspired to create The Goodlife USA 2 x 20 Social Network with one thing in mind, do away with the most devastating disease in the network marketing profession, ATTRITION!
This is an affliction that effects 97% of the people who get into network marketing and has just been accepted as the cost of doing business in the profession. My sense is that Mark created Goodlife USA with one goal in mind, to help people create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted, using a vehicle that would appeal to the masses and a compensation plan that could make that happen.
My thinking is that Mark took a hard look at the comp plans that are out there, studied their pros and cons and in a stroke of genius, he seems to have created breakthrough concept. Take the simplicity of a Matrix and the power of social media, combine the 2 and he created the 2 x 20 Social Network.

The Goodlife USA 2×20 Social Network.

The 2×2 Social Network is unique in a number of ways. First the typical network marketer recruits in an average of 2.3 people into there business, and if that is all you are able to recruit, that spells disaster for any long term income. The 2×20 Social Network only allows you 2 personal enrollments so you can literally be a below average recruiter and still be successful in Goodlife USA.

Another unique aspect  of the 2×20 Social Network is the Spillover Effect. Granted, I have seen other comp plans use the spillover effect, so even though spillover is not ground breaking stuff, it is the accumulation of all the pieces of the 2×20 Social Network the make this comp plan extremely powerful.

And here is the real kicker in the Goodlife USA, 2×20 Social Network, The shared Team. This is the element that makes the GoodLife USA, 2×20 Social Network the power house that it is. The Shares Team is what makes the 2×20 Social Network a Ground Breaking Compensation Plan. The typical comp plan works like social media in that you are connected to people via your common connections.

For example you know Steve Johnson but you don’t know Ronny Chavez but Steve Johnson knows Ronny Chavez  so you see Ronny Chavez’s post due to your connection with Steve Johnson, that is that magic of social media and how some network marketing companies work, for the most part.

The 2×20 Social Network Shared Team.

2x20 social networkWhat makes the Shared Team so exciting is that after you bring in your 2 personal enrollments into Goodlife USA the next person you enroll creates a Shared team, now the way Shared Teams work would take a long time to explain and I am not going to do that now, I’ll write a post with a deep explanation later.

Now your first shared team would stay in your organization, just like any new person you brought in would and you need to enroll 1 more person to make that first team active . Now here is the magic of the GoodLife USA 2×20 Social Network. The next person you enroll creates another shared team and that 2nd shared team is place completely outside your organization. The amazing benefits of the Shared Team is that you still generate all qualifying income from all shared teams once they are activated.

This has never been done before in the networking marketing industry and this comp plan is so unique that the Goodlife USA 2X20 Social Network is Patent Pending. The 2×20 Social Network really brings 2 dynamic systems and combines them into one, the simplicity of the matrix and the power of social networking.

If you want to learn more about GoodLife USA and the 2×20 Social Network, Watch this Goodlife USA Compensation Plan Video for more information.


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