$200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card Now Available.

goodlife vip cardGoodlife USA Releases Their New
$200 V.I.P. Card

GoodLife USA (AKA TGL.Rocks) has come up with a truly innovative concept as far as sharing their core travel product, their Free $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card. This is a really innovative tool that I have personally seen before in the travel sector of networking industry. Obviously the concept of a free sample is common place but after you finish this article you will discover how unique this giveaway is.

Now with other giveaways you can try the product and experience the benefits of that product. And this is all well and good, but in most cases it takes time to experience these benefits, usually physical. With this $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card, you can log in and see and take advantage of the saving you get through GoodLife USA immediately.

How Does the $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card work?

This is genius, your $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card is registered to the IBO who is sharing GoodLife USA. This is a win win for everyone involved, the prospect gets to take a test drive of the GoodLife USA service and experience the great savings you receive as a member of GoodLife USA without having to become a member yet.

The card carrier can receive up to $200 worth of savings using GoodLife USA, the IBO who distributed the card get a commission of 50% of the value of the card as the card is used. In other words, if Steve give a card to Mary and she receives $100 worth of saving using the card, Steve receives $50 worth of commissions. If Mary uses the total value of $200 in savings using the GoodLife USA service Steve would get $100 in commissions.

What is the potential for sharing the $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card?Goodlife USA v.i.p. card

Imagine if you were a GoodLife USA IBO and you shared the service through the free card give away.
And let’s say you had 1,000 cards now if everyone uses the service and used up the entire $200 in discounts you could earn $100,000, that’s what is possible. Of course not everyone is going to use up all the $200 on all the cards but what if all those cards were just used at 50% of the value of their value, you could earn $50,000. Even if those cards were used at a measly 10% of their value, the IBO sharing those 1,000 cards would earn $10,000.

Now of course the earning potential of the IBO is directly connected to their efforts, but who doesn’t like the concept of free and who doesn’t like to save money. This is why the GoodLife USA is becoming such an attractive business to everyone involved.

What is GoodLife USA?

If you don’t know what the Goodlife USA service is then let me give you a quick rundown. Goodlife USA is a lifestyle service that gives you the best travel prices available anywhere on the internet guaranteed. Goodlife USA also allows you to get great saving on just about all your entertainment needs, that includes savings on shopping, movies, sporting events, amusement parks and more.

How do you get your $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card?

You can get your free $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card from any GoodLife USA IBO who is participating in the program, of course you can contact me to get your card. If you want to take GoodLife USA for a test drive click on this link and I will get a card to you as soon as possible.

Click Here: $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card to get your free V.I.P. Card.


Alex Michael Martinez

Alex Martinez
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Email: alex@thegoodlife4all.com
Website: http://thegoodlife4all.com

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Ron Holmes - January 23, 2017 Reply

I’m a financial advisor-interested in the concept and would love to have something valuable to give-away to clients/prospects. But I’m skeptical and I want it to be entirely above board and the cards useful.


    Alex Martinez - January 23, 2017 Reply

    I completely understand you skepticism.
    Please give me a call and I will answer any questions you have.

jose - January 26, 2017 Reply

I was given the card as a gift, but when I go to type in the activation code, a pop up comes up saying the card has been tried to be activated too many times. Also, I wasn’t given a confirmation code. how do I get it?

    Alex Martinez - January 26, 2017 Reply

    It sounds like someone tried to activate the card previously.
    Each card has a unique activation code and tagged to the
    IBO who ordered the card and the parson who activated the card.

    If someone else has activated the card, no one else is able
    use that activation number again.

    Go back to the person who gave you the card and ask
    for another. If you don’t know who gave you the card
    I can get you another activation number.

    I hope that helps

    Alex Martinez

Charles Michael - January 29, 2017 Reply

Why won’t Good Life USA let me buy the $200 V.I.P. Card? I have sent many emails about the matter and have just got the run around. Every time I try to buy cards, using the activation link, it won’t let me sign in. I paid my $79.00 for to become an IBO.

    Alex Martinez - January 29, 2017 Reply


    when you log into goodlifeusa.com/rekodrop/home
    You should be directed to your GoodLife USA dashboard.
    You will see 3 buttons, the left button says
    “Order VIP Club Cards” Click on that button and you
    should be able to order cards.

    I hope that helps


Kaschell - April 3, 2017 Reply

I am trying to redeem my club card but the website on the back is not working. What should I do?

    Alex Martinez - April 5, 2017 Reply

    When you activated your card they sent you a link to verify
    your email, did you do that?

    If not, you can’t get into the site.
    Check your spam or junk folder to see if it is there.

Adebanke muritala - April 6, 2017 Reply

Hello i am from nigeria and please i want to know the full indepth analysis about how it works please send me a mail on muritalaadebanke@gmail.com and how can i become an IBO . Thanks

Navshika Chand - April 14, 2017 Reply

Hi,I’m from Fiji ,I just wanted to know does the goodlife V.I.P card work here?if yes,please provide with more details…
Thank you…

Josh - April 26, 2017 Reply

So, I am confused. I was referred to this business because I was told I can buy cards for $.20, and get $100 when customer spent $200.00 on a hotel or something. Why am I paying to do this? Really, why would I pay to increase the revenue of another company? I may even understand a set up fee, but why MONTHLY fees? Is the compensation and revenue of this company based on the product, or people paying a monthly fee? I guess, if the company brings in ZERO down line, just gets people to use the hotel card, do they not make money? Do they need people to pay monthly fees to profit?

    Alex Martinez - May 4, 2017 Reply

    I can see the confusion. When you become an IBO, you become eligible to distribute the $200 GoodLife V.I.P. Club Card, This card gives you exclusive access to our hotel booking engine. From this website you get the best hotel prices you can find on the internet Guaranteed. When you go to this exclusive site, you can book hotel rooms at cost, unlike other travel sites that charge you commissions, service fees, etc. Our Site will show you the internet price, the amount you are saving and the amount you will pay. As an IBO you will earn a commission on the SAVINGS, not the cost of the room. The person using the card wins because they get the best price online and the IBO wins because they earn a commission. If you want to be a starter IBO, the cost is only $79 and there is no monthly fee. There are different levels of enrollment if you intend to use the service and make additional income and they do have monthly dues, but it is not required.
    I hope that clears things up. Call me if you need further clarification. 657-888-2410

Cordis .S - May 7, 2017 Reply

Good day. I would like to know how I can get my hotel room refund. I cancel the room due to a postpone on my get away. The hotel said it was cancel and I needed to get in contact with you all but no one respond yet. I would like to get this matter solve.

    Alex Martinez - May 7, 2017 Reply

    Call this number 866-351-2272 and they can help you.

Aaron Kaapuni - May 16, 2017 Reply

What hotels are part of the GoodLife on O’ahu, Hawaii? How do we go about using it?

    Alex Martinez - May 18, 2017 Reply

    with nearly 950,000 hotels worldwide?
    Most of them.

Zubair - May 23, 2017 Reply

Is This card only for the USA

    Alex Martinez - May 23, 2017 Reply

    The Card gives you access to 950,000 hotels worldwide.

Lin - June 14, 2017 Reply

If I join and get some cards, is there a limit on how many times each person is allowed to have? Can I use 10, my sister take 5, my brother use another 5?

    Alex Martinez - June 24, 2017 Reply

    There is no limit as long as you use separate email addresses per card

sylvia cummings - June 21, 2017 Reply

how do it work

Laura Wilson - July 28, 2017 Reply

I just paid $79 to join up Tues, 7/25 & am waiting for my box of 50 cards to arrive. Hoping for very specific instructions in the box on using/distributing them. LW

    Alex Martinez - August 25, 2017 Reply

    Activation instructions are on the back of the card.

jamie - September 3, 2017 Reply

I bought the vip cards from a fundraiser and I was wondering can I sell them in my store or online to help increase my sales, say amazon, qvc and others?

    Alex Martinez - September 25, 2017 Reply

    No, you can not. You can use them to raise money for your favorite charity and you can give them away as a customer appreciation gift but you can not sell them.

Nicole Mitchell - September 10, 2017 Reply

So I was given a 200 VIP card as a gift for a relief from the recent hurricanes hitting the coast. If I have 200 dollars on VIP why when I got to get a hotel room for 196.00 it will not let me?

    Alex Martinez - September 25, 2017 Reply

    you have to go to the vip.goodlifeusa.com to book your room.

Brenda caselberry - October 15, 2017 Reply

Tell me when do I get the hundred dollars …do they have to use the whole card

    Alex Martinez - October 16, 2017 Reply

    No you do not have to use the entire $200 to receive commissions.
    Let say someone saves $50 on a 1 night stay at a hotel.
    Naturally they would save the $50 and you would receive $25
    in a commission payment.(50% of $50 = $25).

    Now the card has $150 worth of savings left
    on it($200 – $50 = $150). The card holder can still use the card
    as often as they want until they use up the remaining value of the card,
    and you would still earn commissions as the card is being used, up to $100

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