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Fundraising Ideas For Those In The Know.

Secret Fundraising Ideas For Those In The Know.

As we all know discovering new innovative fundraising ideas can be very challenging.
Finding volunteer to execute your fundraiser is also not the easiest thing to do.
The whole exercise seems to always fall on a small group of hard working, dedicated
people with a hero’s drive.

Well the times they are a changing, because I am about to share with you one of the greatest
fundraising ideas imaginable and only you and a few other lucky people know about, for now.

The $200 GoodLife V.I.P. Club Card is one of the best fundraising ideas to come along
for as long as I can remember and I am no young pup.


Because when you share the $200 in value, in the form of hotel discounts and in return
you  receive a commission back on the purchase using the card?

Discover The Power Behind

The # 1 Fundraising Vehhicle.

Watch this video and discover how you can benefit from the #1 fundraiser on the planet. Click on The Image Now!

Here is how the $200 GoodLife V.I.P. Club Card benefits your charity.

You hand out the card to anyone who travels and you receive 50% of the value of the
purchase price back in commissions. Now ask yourself, how many people in your immediate circle travel?
how many people at your work travel? How many people in your town travel?
The volume of people who like to travel is almost endless. RIGHT?

Why is the 200 GoodLife V.I.P. card one of the best fundraising ideas?

Well, to realize what a great fundraiser this card is, goodlife usa fundraising ideasyou need to know how the card works and then you will see why it is one of the most ingenious fundraising ideas ever. So how does the 200 GoodLife V.I.P. card work? The card gives you exclusive access to the GoodLife USA Hotel Portal, there are a vast number of services associated with GoodLife USA and the card give you access to only the hotel service.

Because GoodLife USA is a Private Membership Club, they get special prices not allowed to the general  public, thru GoodLife USA you essentially travel at true cost. With that said lists look at and scenario of a hotel reservation.
Let’s say you want to stay in Las Vegas sometime in July. With any online travel site, you pick the city and the date and you find out where you want to stay and you book your room, figuring you are getting the best price possible, right? You book your room for $150 a night.

Now as a member GoodLife USA or with the 200 GoodLife V.I.P. card, you look at the exact same city on the exact same date and the exact same hotel. In this example you make your reservation using your $200 GoodLife V.I.P. Club Card and you only pay $100 a night. You save $50. Yeah, for me, this card just saved me $50 a night. OK, now what makes this one of the great fundraising ideas of all time is that you just saved $50 a night at that hotel, let’s say you stayed 2 night, saving you a total of $100. Now the person or charity that gave you that card also made a 50% commission on your stay. Let’s say I have XYZ charity, because I put the card in the charities name, the charity just made $50.
So if I were to hand out 1,000, $200 GoodLife V.I.P. Club Cards and on average everyone saved $100 per card, well you can do the math. Now hand out 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 cards. Let’s say you have a church of high school football team, the PTA or you partnered up with a business and they used them as customer appreciation of promos for their customers with some of that revenue flowing back to your charity.

200 GoodLife V.I.P. Club Card may be one of the powerful fundraising ideas to ever come along because it is a win/win for everyone involved, the card holder receives the best prices on hotels guaranteed and the charity receives 50% commissions on the card usage. And now you can help your organization reap these rewards for your worthy cause and it is easy to learn more. I know you may have some question so I have made it easy to have them answered. Just fill out the form on this page and we will set up an appointment so you can ask away.

I believe that you will realize that the $200 GoodLife V.I.P. card is the one of the, if not the best fundraising ideas to ever come along and this is only the tip of the Iceberg in the form of generating real income for your charity. The more you learn about GoodLife USA, I am confident that you will believe, as many others do, that this is truly one of the greatest fundraising ideas of all time..

3 Goodlife USA | How Do They Give You The Best Travel Prices

goodlife usaGoodlife USA: How Do They Give You The Best Travel Prices.

Have you ever wondered how online travel sites can give you discount pricing and how can GoodLife USA beat the big guys in the discount game? Well by the time you are done reading this article you will have a firm understanding of how the discount travel game is played.

First thing you need to know is that the Online Travel Agencies or OTA’s, get their inventory is from travel consolidators. These prices are essentially the same in that wholesale marketplace. The OTA’s then take the prices from this inventory, makes the business decision as to how much they want to mark up this inventory, then present these prices to the public. The thing I find interesting, from what I have learned, the Majority if not all OTA’s are owned by 2 companies, Expedia and Priceline.

How Does Goodlife USA Get Better Prices Than The Online Travel Agencies?

It is ingenious the way GoodLife can pass along the best prices on travel that you can find on the internet. Unlike the big OTA’s, GoodLife USA doesn’t have large, multi-million-dollar advertising budget, so they save a ton of money on advertising cost. Because of their social networking business model, GoodLife is reliant on it’s members to promote and share the benefits of the company with the world.

Also because this is a members only, travel membership club, GoodLife USA generates revenue through enrollment fees, and monthly membership fees starting at as low as $11.95 per month. This allows Goodlife USA to bring you real wholesale prices because there is no mark-up from the original prices offered by the consolidators.

Goodlife USA also offers members an opportunity to become business partners with the company by enrolling as independent Business Owners (IBO’s). As an IBO, members can earn income by promoting and enrolling additional members and using the service to save on travel and other lifestyle products.

GoodLife USA Offers Lifestyle Products.

Goodlife USA is not just a travel company, which makes it unique in this space because Good life USA also offers other lifestyle products that you use every day, at steep discounts. Entertainment products like Sporting events, movies, concerts. Shopping at over 450,000 retailers, insurance and ever cars. If you use the Goodlife products and services, you can save, potentially, thousands of dollars a year.

GoodLife USA has now offer you an opportunity to try this incredible membership service for yourself.
You can now get a $200 GoodLife USA V.I.P. when you Click This Link, I will send you your card that will give you special access to the Hotel Portal of The GoodLife USA service. You can use this card over and over again until you use up your $200 in savings.

So now you know how GoodLife USA is able to get and pass along the best savings on travel you can find from the other online travel agencies. And now is your chance to try it for yourself. If you stay at hotels when you travel, don’t miss this opportunity to get your free $200 Goodlife V.I.P. card today and experience the savings for yourself. Click Here Now and get you V.I.P. Card.

32 $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card Now Available.

goodlife vip cardGoodlife USA Releases Their New
$200 V.I.P. Card

GoodLife USA (AKA TGL.Rocks) has come up with a truly innovative concept as far as sharing their core travel product, their Free $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card. This is a really innovative tool that I have personally seen before in the travel sector of networking industry. Obviously the concept of a free sample is common place but after you finish this article you will discover how unique this giveaway is.

Now with other giveaways you can try the product and experience the benefits of that product. And this is all well and good, but in most cases it takes time to experience these benefits, usually physical. With this $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card, you can log in and see and take advantage of the saving you get through GoodLife USA immediately.

How Does the $200 Goodlife USA V.I.P. Card work?

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GoodLife USA | Introduces The 2×20 Social Network.

The GoodLife USA Introduces Social Networking.

goodlife usa social network Goodlife USA has introduced the 2×20 Social Network. After years of the same old boring compensation plans,something innovative and exciting has burst onto the scene, the 2×20 Social Network.

This whole New business model has the potential to revolutionize the network marketing space. Mark Seyforth and The GoodLife USA have not only introduced something unique and special but when people experience the 2x2o Social Network you hear nothing but praise and see nothing but smiles.

Though it may look like your typical run of the mill Matrix, The Goodlife USA 2 x 20 social network is anything but typical or run of the mill, there is something really amazing about the inner workings of the 2 x 20 social network and when you experience it.

Well … just wait and see.

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TGL.Rocks|The GoodLife USA Goes Live!

TGL.Rocks, which stands for “The GoodLife USA”­ has gone live!

tgl.rocks_the-goodlife-usaThe GoodLife is new network marketing company created by Mark Seyforth. You remember that back in 2010 Mark created one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies at the time One24. And now he has introduced a new company The GoodLife USA, the website is TGL.Rocks.

This is a very interesting and innovative venture by Mark. It is a lifestyle company that is promoting a change of lifestyle with deep discounts Travel, Dining, Movies, Cruising and 3000-4000 everyday products that you can purchase at huge discounts because TGL. Rocks will buy a large lot quantities and pass the saving their members or IBO’s (Individual Business Owners).

TGL.Rocks, The Goodlife USA Advantage!

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